Traction Elevators

Traction elevators offer unique services to the aged and the physically disabled. These elevators are in fact a great addition to multi-storied buildings.

Traction elevators have now become a necessary and valued accessory in modern-day multi-stories as they carry not only people, but also heavy objects easily from floor to floor.


  • Affordable installation.
  • Hassle-free operation.
  • Safety.
  • Available in many finishes including beautiful hardwood.
  • Designed to make people's life much easier and simpler.
  • Adding value to the building.
  • Unmatched quality and customer service.
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Hydraulic Elevators

Looking for a low-maintenance elevator? Hydraulic lifts provide the advantages of being relatively inexpensive, safe and easy to maintain. They're very convenient and cost-effective solution for low-rise buildings with low traffic. Hydraulic elevators have been rated the safest option for home elevators. They boast superb user friendliness and easy access machine room located at the basement. Once they are put in place, hydraulic elevators provide the smoothest rides possible.


  • Safe, secure and powerful vertical transportation ELEVATOR VALVE.
  • Low installation and maintenance cost compared to a traction lift.
  • A longer operating lifetime.
  • Comfort and low noise.
  • Simple & fast installation.
  • Single-time phase-3 power (for ascending) and phase-1 (for descending).
  • Simple & fast installation.
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MRL Elevators

Epic Elevators introduced this technology about a year ago and have installed it at around forty locations all over in Gujarat. All of them have been running successfully. The reason we suggest to change is because gearless elevators are more energy efficient.


  • Minimal Headroom.
  • Low Running Cost.
  • Excellent Ride Quality.
  • Low Noise Levels.
  • High Duty Cycles.
  • Low Maintenance Cost.
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Bungalow Elevators

Bungalow elevators are designed to meet vertical mobility needs in public and private buildings. It is an ideal solution for elderly and impaired mobility persons who find it difficult to use stairs in bigger and extensive bungalows and apartments.


  • Roomless Machine.
  • Gearless.
  • Total maintenance free.
  • Working on 1 HP only.
  • Available in 'ready to install format.
  • Absolute freedom in designing.
  • Requires minimum floor place.
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Hospital Elevators

The medical care infrastructure is increasing day by day. Hospitals are facing emergencies every now and then. Shifting of patients to operation theatres or post operative wards always demands less time for commutation.

Standard Features

  • Speed: 0.35 m/s to 1.5 m/s
  • Capacity: 13 to 26 passengers
  • Car Panel: Thickness - 18 gauge Standard /16 gauge optional
  • Finish: Spray Painted / Powder Coated / Stainless steel
  • Flooring: MS Chequered plate - standard / Aluminium - SS Chequered plate
  • Doors: Collapsible / Imperforated / Telescopic / Automatic / Vertical-bi-parting
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Capsule Elevators

Epic Capsule Elevators act as Architectural highlights on prestigious buildings. They can be called the ornaments of a building as they enhance its beauty and bring life into it. Its design, features and infinite options add its optimum travel comfort. It has aesthetically attractive interiors with large glass viewing panel. Capsule lifts demand specialized knowledge and had the experience of EPIC at its best. EPIC capsule lifts are inspired with creative flair to suit your particular idea.


  • Rain Screen Systems.
  • Exterior Sidings.
  • Flashing and Trim.
  • Custom Post and Beam Work.
  • Tongue and Groove Soffits.
  • Installation of Doors and Windows.
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Goods Elevators

EPIC offers a complete range of goods or freight elevators for different applications involving transportation of goods. The capacity ranges from 500 kg. To 7000 kg. depending upon the requirement. There are also a variety of door types available such as collapsible gates, Automatic doors, Double swing doors etc. Option for car elevators is also available to be used in multi storey parking.


  • Architectural Grade Retaining Walls.
  • Cribbing Driveways.
  • Custom Concrete Staircases.
  • Foundations.
  • Paths.
  • Patios.
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Car Elevators

The company designs and develop a wide range of car parking lifts that are fabricated using high-grade raw material, sourced from reliable vendors across the worldwide, and tested on various quality parameters. These can be customized as per the specifications of the clients and delivered within a stipulated time frame.


  • Multilevel Parking lots.
  • MNCs.
  • Malls.
  • Shopping Complexes.
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