Rise Above

10 years ago, an Indian elevator company was born with a dream that India could take on the best in the world. Since then, it's been a steady climb to greater and greater heights. Today, in vertical transportation, our market-share is an industry-leading 20%. We are an ISO 9001 company with several prestigious quality awards. Our products, born from in-house R&D, offer the perfect balance between state-of-the-art technology and value for money.

MRL Belt Drive

Epic Elevators introduced this technology about a year ago and have installed it at around forty locations all over in Gujarat. All of them have been running successfully. The reason we suggest to change is because gearless elevators are more energy efficient.

Bungalow Elevator

Bungalow elevators are designed to meet vertical mobility needs in public and private buildings. It is an ideal solution for elderly and impaired mobility persons who find it difficult to use stairs in bigger and extensive bungalows and apartments.


Escalators For The Smart Cities In India.

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